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pdadmin is a guide to Web 2.0 which is designed to get 21st Century administrators started using new web tools today to communicate with their school community. From weekly podcasts for students to listen to on the bus, to an administrative blog that engages the community in conversation, using Web 2.0 tools as an administrator makes you more visible and connects you with your educational community. This workshop will also introduce you to emerging technologies such as Twitter and social-networking sites such as Facebook. The latest and greatest web based tools for communicating will be explored. Using these technology tools in innovative ways is what 21st Century Leadership is all about.

It is my mission to encourage education administrators to be the CHANGE AGENT in schools today. We are working with students that are emersed in technology: t.v., video games, cell phones, computers, internet, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, wikis, podcasts and the list goes on...and we are still educating them as though they were students in th 1800s. I understand that the basics needs to be taught but to use the same methods from centuries ago is not the solution. We need to teach by example and that goes for Administrators who are "teaching" teachers. When you are having a staff meeting do you stand there and verbally recite the information to your staff? Unless you are Jay Leno giving a great monologue...you are BORING! What is your purpose? How is your meeting going to change student learning? Are you asking staff to teach and use technology and not being an "educational leader" yourself? I encourage you to start small and at your next staff meeting use one new piece of technology. There are so many best practices out there on the web...just search... This is what I found...

One administrator's idea... "I didn’t just want to tell teachers about the benefits of constructivist learning, I wanted them to experience the benefits first hand. I proposed holding an **Amazing Race** competition with our staff. We would split the staff into teams, give them tasks, clues, detours, and road blocks. The first team to complete the tasks would receive a “sweet million” (a King sized Hershey bar with a Starbucks gift card attached)."
  • The administrator produced a short video much like the AMAZING RACE to motivate his staff and to also get a message across and gain information he thought was important. Get a tech savy teacher to help you out or another administrator (this will allow them to see what you are doing and spread the excitement!)
  • Use a Google Docs form to ask teachers what you want to know and to evaluate your staff meeting. Get your staff using the technology themselves that you have invested school dollars into!
As an administrator at an elementary school I recorded the morning announcements and placed them on our school website for teachers, students and parents to refer to.
How about a staff meeting podcast and allow the teachers to view the meeting online at their convenience. If you feel the need, have them fill out a Google Doc to answer questions that you might have about thee info you covered in the staff meeting.

Do you still need a little encouragement to see the need for change? Watch these videos and tell me that as an administrator you are not leading in a time of change!

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