ministrators: Uses for Edomodo:

  1. Mentor Sharing: I created a group for all the intern mentors from Southeast Michigan to share ideas, get advice, and share files. –submitted by TeamBond
  2. Teacher Lounge: I set up a “Teacher Lounge” (a comfy sounding staff room) for our school, where we can share ideas, files and links that would seem like spamming if we sent it via email to “all teachers” on staff. Much like your Playground idea for the kids, it has created a casual environment where ideas can freely flow, be discussed and easily browsed. 

 To learn more, send an Edmodo Connection Request to Ron Francis.
  3. Professional Learning Communities: I am an elementary school principal using Edmodo as a tool for my school grade level Professional Learning Communities. Each group meets once every three weeks and uses Edmodo to post their minutes of the meeting and then any follow up or discussion that occurs between meetings. I also use it to post to the entire staff important documents such as blank field trip permission forms and such that all staff need access to. By posting them in Edmodo they remain in all libraries and are accessible by all staff. It has been a very useful tool for my school Professional Learning Communities. To learn more, send an Edmodo Connection Request to Shawn Dufour.

Above three ideas taken 11/23/10 from

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